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F1 2019, What's new this year? | By Sindy Cross, 10 March 2019

Every year, I get a new family calendar to hang up in my kitchen. Before I do anything else, I look up the dates for the F1 races for the year ahead and add these first! Now, I can plan the rest of my year around these dates!

Yep, you’ve guessed it, I love F1. I enjoy following the British drivers, and this year, as well as the mighty Lewis, I have 2 new drives to follow, Lando Norris, who will be driving for McLaren and George Russell driving for Williams.

The first race of the season is normally Australia and it’s a bit earlier this year on Sunday 17th March. I like to watch all the TV coverage available: practice on the Friday, qually on Saturday and the race on Sunday. The first race of the season has all the gossip from the winter testing, new rules etc, so I like to make sure I watch as much as possible, to be up to speed on all the new changes and who’s driving for which teams.

Here’s some of the highlights we can look forward to:

What’s the change: Wider, higher and simplified
Why: To help chasing drivers follow the car in front more closely and in crease the possibility for overtaking

What’s the change: Higher, wider, simpler wing
Why: Like the front wing, to help promote even closer racing. The height has gone up by 20mm and the width has increased by 100mm, this larger wing creates a bigger hole in the air, to benefit the cars trying to slipstream behind

What’s the change: Rather than the rainbow of type of colours used in 2018, Pirelli have cut that down to just 3 colours
Why: To make is easier for the fans to understand the tyre strategy, with white-marked hard tyre, yellow-marked medium and red-marked soft. However, the actual compounds used for those three designations will change depending on the circuit, with Pirelli having five to choose from – C1 being the hardest, C5 the softest.

What’s the change: Drivers are required to wear biometric gloves
Why: If the driver has a crash, the medical team will be able to measure a driver’s pulse and oxygen levels in his blood and provide vital lifesaving information before the medical team arrive.

It should be an exciting season, with new drivers, even faster cars and 21 races, we are in for an awesome year! So, grab yourself a nice cuppa and sit back and enjoy this 2019 F1 season. I know I will x

F1 - what's new for 2019