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Awareness Days can help with your Marketing | By Sindy Cross, 28 February 2019

In preparation for your yearly Marketing Plans, it’s a good idea to pull together a list of the National Awareness Days for each month. There will be Awareness Days that complement your business and you can build Marketing Campaigns around these dates.

Just to give you an idea, here are the Awareness Days for March:

1 March - Walk all over Cancer, 10,000 steps each day for March
4 March - British Pie Week
5 March - Strove Tuesday/Pancake Day
7 March - World Book Day
8 March - International Women’s Day
13 March - National No Smoking Day
15 March - Red Nose Day/Comic Relief
17 March - St Patrick's Day
20 March - Spring Equinox, First Day of Spring
22 March - The Great British Spring Clean
25 March - National Workouts and Well being
29 March - Wear a Hat Day
31 March - Mothering Sunday

Not sure if anyone remembers but all the way back in 1985, Jif Lemon had a clever twist on their marketing for Pancake Day. Their adverts ran on national TV with the strap line “Don't forget the pancakes on Jif Lemon Day”. So, get your thinking caps on and see how you can use Awareness Days as part of your Marketing Campaigns.

Cancer Research – you could support Walk all over Cancer and encourage people from your business to walk 10,000 steps every day for the month of March, with posts and photos of the walks for your audience to follow on social media. Great way of keeping fit and raising funds for an excellent cause.

World Book Day – how about everyone dresses up as a character from their favourite book and post your outfits on your social media accounts.

Spring Equinox – there are endless opportunities to tie campaigns with the first day of spring. Spring Sale, Spring Clean, Spring in your step! Make sure your campaigns are ready to go and capitalise on this feel good time of year.

Mothering Sunday – great opportunity for campaigns here. Flowers, chocolates, gifts, cards, balloons, meals out, jewellery, photography, days out, the list can go on and on. Make sure if your products and services are a perfect fit for Mother’s Day, use the whole of March to promote your products and give your customers ideas how they can spoil their Mum.

Planning your marketing with Awareness Days, really gives your Campaigns focus and stories that your customers can relate to. So, use them with your plans and create some awesome campaigns.

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