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The Local Wishlist, Make a difference with a single tap | By Sindy Cross, 17 January 2019

Last year, I was approached by James, the Project Manager at The Local WishList mobile app, for advice regarding marketing this project.

James was tasked with producing a mobile app for the charity “Big Issue North” who specialise in helping rough sleepers and homeless people in the North of England.

“We are creating an app which allows people to buy brand new items, like sleeping bags, coats, gloves etc, and have them delivered directly to their nearest homeless shelter” James told me via Linked In. “The focus of the app being a more direct way to donate items instead of just giving money and not knowing where it's going. With our app the user gets a notification when their item has been collected by a homeless person from the shelter making the process more personal.”

So, with this brief, I set to work researching ideas how we can promote this app. I pulled together a list of ideas and I will share a few of them with you:

Take Great Screenshots
Just taking a screenshot of your app and dropping it into the App store, is not enough. Make sure you have great screens shots and add captions too. Really give people a feel of what your app is about, the more photos and info the better.

Build a website to support your app
It’s a good idea to have a website to support your app. You can use this for further promotion and it a great place for all the blogs, news, press releases, videos to be in one place and social to link back to. Talk to the charities you are working with and ask for the app to be added to their websites too.

Guest Blogging
Great way to build an audience. You can ask the different charities to help with this and link to their websites.

App Store Optimisation
This is KEY, this is the search engine for the App store. Just like search engine optimisation, the App store focuses on keyword relevance, search relevance and the keyword density in your description. Your app description is one of the most important things you can focus on in your app marketing efforts.

Now, armed with this advice, James is able to push forward with the app and focus his efforts on helping homeless people. For more information, check out this video