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What’s your cup of tea? Promotional items for your customers | By Sindy Cross, 29 January 2019

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love tea! Just before Christmas, I was shopping at the Lexicon in Bracknell, when I noticed Deichmann had opened a store. Now, I also have a love for bags, boots and shoes, so I just had to pop in and take a look. Walking around the store, I managed to limit my potential purchases to about 10 pairs of boots and another 5 pairs of shoes but as it was almost Christmas, I put them on hold and bought a nice clutch bag for my niece. When I got to the till, I told the cashier how excited I was that this store had opened. She smiled and nipped under the counter and pulled out a box. “For you” she said and popped the box in my bag.

I concluded my purchase, thanked her and left the shop. When I looked into my bag, she had given me a Deichmann mug! I was delighted. I already had an affiliation with the brand and this small gesture of a mug to drink more tea in, really made me feel valued as a customer.

This is an example of how promotional branded items can create a greater bond with your target audience. So, when you are pulling your Marketing Plans together, consider promotional items for your customers.

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