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Are you ready for Black Friday? | By Sindy Cross, 7 November 2018

With Christmas only 7 weeks away, we are starting to get into the Christmas spirit. But, not quite time for Christmas Carols! Large organisations have been planning Christmas for months now. Some start just after the January Sales! For smaller businesses, we don’t need to start that early but we can use Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a good place to start Christmas promotions to drive sales for this time of year.

When I was running Sinders Wedding Favours, my Black Friday promotion was 20% discount off all Christmas Favours orders placed on that day. I kept it nice and simple, so the customer could see exactly what the promotion was. I could measure the campaign and know any Christmas Favours ordered on that date, was a Black Friday deal.

I ran this promotion using 3 marketing activities: emails to my customers, via Facebook and Twitter. I make sure the products I promoted were in stock and I am I pleased to say, I took 80% of my Christmas Favours orders in that day.

So, now is a perfect time to put some thought into your Black Friday promotions. Think about what you are going to offer your customers, check product availability if you need stock, think about how you are going to market your promotion and how can you measure the campaign. And if you need some help, just give me a call.